The School Recorder Book 1

by Kasey Keller Big Band

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released April 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Kasey Keller Big Band Sheffield, UK

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Track Name: Gig Marks
I'm assured that books are excellent but having never read one I would not know
Having ground teeth through sleepless nights I can attest that it's not the way to go
It's important to remember that all women are someone's daughter
It's important to remember not to leave children unattended near open water
It's important to remember to hold a steady hand when juicing
It's important to remember to check tyre pressure when cruising
Track Name: Older than Everyone
It's hard to appear to be young when you're old than everyone
and your best years have already begun
It's hard to appear to be bold when you're out of touch and your lines were old at the time that they were told

Cold crystals crack in my knees and back
Plotting my life out to the eventual heart-attack
Track Name: Wavering Down Pt.2
every day I see different people walking into their own distinct misery
every day I plead to be rid of my own distant memory
with no hope to be profound
I can see how it's funny how I stick around
but I understand the language of money

stay patient til you're next to me
make sound, go to ground and sit steadily
Track Name: Sammy
In night time slows down
Bare backs to the ground
Hands draw spirals in the clay
Another day

Hands held
In deep slumber, in the light of the day
Can't imagine this to be any other way
Can't imagine this to be any other way

Why do words look worse when you write them down?
Track Name: Loam
don't think that I'm ungrateful when I complain
it's a sign that my sights are set high, not an expression of pain
I wish I could be more communicative but I do the best that I can
No rudder guiding me to shore, no future plan.
Track Name: Colder Earlier
Work feels like school in that I don't want to go but have to
Work, rest, work until everything hurts and there's no time left in the day
Track Name: Indie Lyf
"Indie lyf 4 real" but you'd trade your poverty for a record deal
Tired of playing third wheel to you and your insecure need to be popular to feel
Track Name: Wavering Down
Woke to find my sight restored, bored out of mind and sore
Every day I enter a den of thieves, sit steadily until you're next to me
Grope to find some certainty, some reason not to be bored
Every day I enter a den of thieves, wait patiently for you to be next to me