Family Computer

by Kasey Keller Big Band

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released May 21, 2014

All music and lyrics written, performed, recorded, manipulated and mastered by Kasey Keller Big Band except 5:47-6:40 on track 1 written by The Moldy Peaches.

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all rights reserved


Kasey Keller Big Band Sheffield, UK

if you want a free cassette mixtape please email me your mailing address to

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Track Name: Player to be Named Later (or Ms. Fortune)
There's so many bands that I haven't heard I haven't heard Bonobo or Bon Iver and then the Vice staff writer beats your brain to a pulp with a blunt-edged word.

Would you please stand in for me at the head of the imaginary misery scene?

Dear Diary, I am deceased and survived by a pervading reservation that there's no sense in a never-ending math equation and it rots my core to be the one to make tears touch the floor.

Made my bed, now I'll cry in it, live my life and die in it.

Indie boys are neurotic, makes my eyes bleed, tight black pants, exotic, some loving is what I need but hey, I'm starting to feel okay, lucky number nine, hooray.
Track Name: A Million Misses (or Closest Shave Yet)
Is it that clear a call when you fantasise? It's hard to do what's right when there's no will left to fight.

It seems funny, the clothes we're dressed in, me in an awkward silence, you in a crawling skin. If I make sense to me.

The only people to crack a smile in London are tourist, everyone else filled with bile, spewed from a leaf fountain comes the golden mile, a million miles from the holy mountain and the grape vines

You're the first to say that I'm out cold for the rest of the day, you're the first to say that I'm sorry.

"Now it seems that I lied" said your self-esteem as it shrivelled up and died.